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AbyUnik Homes is a full service interior design and renovation firm specializing in creating one-of-a kind, luxury residential interiors using fresh, functional and vibrant designs with global influences. Our unique client focused approach allows us to take the stress out of the otherwise multi-faceted renovation process while ensuring your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Our role is to translate the client’s personal style and lifestyle into their space while developing and maintaining a conceptual thread to ensure that the project reaches its highest potential. Every interior is as unique as the client for whom it is designed. Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, AbyUnik Homes has built a reputation on achieving beautiful and smart designs for a vast array of clientele.

We offer Full design Service Solutions including Interior Architecture for New Builds, Renovations or Remodels. Combining our well made furniture pieces, blending with highly curated hand picked Luxe Decor Accessories incorporating lighting, rugs, Arts, drapery, beddings, Cushions and other decorative elements.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best results by transforming your property and helping release its maximum potential while reflecting your style, and honouring your budget. We are professional, reliable, and affordable! We are committed to helping you!

Are you thinking about transforming your home? Become our client and let us show you the possibilities of your space!

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CEO/Creative Director

Nancy Sam

Nancy is very passionate about interior design therefore takes pride in providing uniquely designed interior spaces ( Hence the company name :)) that is not only beautiful but also funtional with lot of attention paid to detailing.

Luxury design is her signature style and all time favorite. However all other design styles are welcomed and given the same needed attension to achieve a high level of harmonious balance that truly reflects our client’s taste, personality and lifestyle.

I look foward to helping you live beautifully!

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